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Our Language School

The English Tutoring Academy (abbreviated TETACAD) is an institution that teaches English to students of all ages internationally.  We teach English conversation, ESL for young learners, IELTS, and TOEFL exam preparation.  All classes will have a comprehensive lesson plan to guide all activities.  These activities may include worksheets, workbooks, textbooks, free-talk prompts, homework assignments, evaluations, writings, idioms, expressions, grammar, phonics, reading, dictation, pronunciation, quizzes, warm-ups, dialogues,  discussions, games, video, or audio.  Each lesson plan can be adjusted or pre-arranged to meet individual needs.  We will closely monitor each student's progress to ensure their understanding through diagnostic tests and provide a detailed feedback report. 


What is your English Level?

A0- Starter (pre-k): No knowledge of the language.

A1- Beginner English (grade 1,2):  Can use simple phrases.

A2- Elementary English (grades 3,4): Can use English for everyday tasks & activities.

B1- Intermediate English (grades 5,6): Can describe experiences and events.

B2- Upper-intermediate English (grades 7,8): Can understand the main ideas of complex texts. 

C1- Advanced English (grade 11): Can express Ideas fluently.

C2- Proficiency  English (grade 12 ): Completely mastered the language.


 *** An English proficiency test may be given during the start of the initial class to determine the English level. ***


Our Subjects


English Conversation for   Teens / Adults

All lesson plans will use slides or worksheets and will feature topics of interest or free talk discussions to build confidence. Lesson plans can be adjusted to focus on grammar, vocabulary-building,  pronunciations, dialogues, expressions, homework reviews, or other themes. 

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Esl for Young Learners

All lesson plans will be age- appropriate and use slides or worksheets based on the student's English level. All classes will be fun and interactive and include songs, warm-ups, phonics, games, props, TPR, flash- cards, puppets, and whiteboards. 


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IELTS / TOEFL Test Preparation

All lesson plans will use slides or worksheets that will simulate the actual IELTS or TOEFL examination. We will have timed mock practice tests to review the speaking, reading, writing, and listening sections so the student can determine their strengths and weaknesses. 

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Business English

All lesson plans will use slides or worksheets with various business-related topics and activities like how to negotiate, interview and, communicate effectively in English. We will learn business vocabulary, greetings, jargon, and do some role-play practice. 




Certificate of Achievement

If you accumulate 100 hours or more of online English language training with us, you will receive this beautiful personalized certificate to showcase your achievements. 

Our Teachers


  • They are all ESL certified teachers with years of classroom experience. 
  • They have experience teaching both children and adults.
  • They all have a bachelor's degree or higher.
  • They are native English speakers.
  • They have a thorough background check.
  • They are all world travelers.
  • They are bilingual or multilingual.
  • They Teach Starter, Beginner, and Advanced English classes (A0, A1-C2) and Test Prep classes.

Our Virtual Classroom


  • It features the latest technology with a whiteboard for demonstrations.
  • It compatible with all or most internet providers
  • We welcome students and their parents in our classroom.
  • There is a link to the classroom.
  • we have 1 on 1 or group classes
  • It's a safe and secure environment for everyone.
  • If there is an issue, we will provide a backup classroom like skype or google classroom to avoid further interruption.

Our Pricing Packages


  • We offer several affordable pricing packages. 
  • We operate on a weekly schedule (Monday-Sunday).
  • Price plans depend on class duration. 
  • Please click the yellow box for pricing and scheduling information.

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